Chalk It Up

ChalkWallPainting chalkboard walls (and other surfaces) is still popular after several years of being in design blogs and magazines.  We still like the idea of a big, writeable surface – especially for kids, offices and creative people who like to change things up.

However, if you don’t want your chalk wall to look like everyone else’s, use these tips:

  • Color! – chalkboard paint no longer has to be black or green.  Check out Hudson Paint for 30 fantastic colors.  The playroom wall to the right is painted in Aquagirl Blue.
  • Paint the whole room – rather than just painting an accent wall, why not make a whole room a chalk board?  It may be bold in black, but gives the space a unifying look rather than breaking it up into pieces.  See how we did it!
  • Paint objects instead – give yourself more flexibility by painting moveable objects instead of walls – vases, trays, even a vintage TV screen.  Check outHuffington Post for some more ideas.

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