Decorating for the Kids

Laura_s_bedChildren’s rooms are fun to decorate. It is important to create a stimulating and creative environment for your child, and decorating the bedroom or playroom are opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone in terms of design. Here are 3 inspired ways to create a cheerful, organized, and safe bedroom for your child:

  • Safety First! – there are many ways we can translate safety into our homes, and your child’s bedroom is a great place to start. Make sure all window treatments are cordless to avoid dangling wires getting wrapped around little necks. Anchoring furniture to the wall is a good idea, especially pieces like taller bookcases, and avoid placing furniture or other climbable objects against windows.
  • Everybody Clean Up – give you child storage that they can easily access. Floor-level cubbies or other open storage is within reach for a little one, and is great for keeping books, toys, and games. It might even encourage them to clean up on their own!
  • Big Kid Desks Are Cool – give your child the perfect workspace. Having a desk in the bedroom is a place for them to sit down and draw or read, and later on to do homework. Encourage them to maintain an organized space by adding some great desk accessories.

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