Back to the Future [Home Edition]


It’s officially the future. Remember in Back to the Future II, when Marty and Doc traveled 25 years ahead?  They landed in the year… 2015.  So where are our hoverboards and self-tying shoes?  While you’re waiting for those, here are some home products of the future that have already landed in our present.

  • Wireless home automation: There are now several brands on the market of smart light switches, thermostats, garage door openers, and any number of other home electronics.  Control them all easily from one source with a hub like the Wink system – soon to have voice controls, too.
  • Robot helpers: Though they’re not yet ready to walk the dog, robots are available to vacuum, clean your gutters, wash your windows, mow your lawn, and even more

So while fashion may have taken us back to 1985, at least at home we can live in the future.

Image via Before It’s News

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