What to Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

2af2105f-1b46-4bfc-af7f-9fdb1c9057bfMeditate. Do yoga. Think of why you’re grateful. These are all wonderful things to do to stave off stress over the holidays, but when you find yourself in the midst of being completely overwhelmed, here are some very simple emergency procedures to get you back to your happy place:

Back Up. The adrenal glands sit at the top of the kidneys. They are responsible for releasing hormones in response to stress. Place your hands on either side of your low back and rub in a circular motion. It’s a soothing way of administering self-acupressure, and a good reminder to take time to be kind to yourself, even when you’re the busiest person on earth.

Zone Out. Do nothing. Just stare out the window or some random point in space for a few minutes. Your body is one smart cookie, and you’ll find that your breath will automatically deepen and restore some calm.

Get Green. Take a walk to a park or rooftop garden. Stuck in the office? Find a plant somewhere. Take in it’s various hues of green. Wonder to self why no one selected one of these awesome shades as Pantone’s Color of the Year. Note the shape of the leaves. Check out those cool fractal-esque patterns. Talk to it, even. Tell it your hopes and dreams. Hmm. Notice something? You’re like, 1000% calmer than you were a just few minutes ago.

Thanks to our friends at Mochi Massage for this great advice!

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