Show Off Your Stuff

platecollectionMaybe you have a collection of 20 teapots you inherited from your grandmother, or every Atari game cartridge from the 80’s. Whatever your collection, a thoughtful display will let you appreciate the objects without feeling cluttered.

  • Arrangement:  Create a unique focal point by arranging your collection in an unexpected way. Let those plates travel up and around a door frame, and the skeleton keys might look pretty hung in a row down the hallway. Use the entire wall space from ceiling to floor, but leave at least one wall with plenty of open space for balance.
  • Dual purpose:  Use your collection to create something else useful.  Stack your National Geographic magazines to make a little side table. Turn your baseball cards into the baby’s mobile. If mirrors are your treasures, cover the entire powder room wall with them.
  • Organization: For the best visual result, display objects in a pattern, use groups of odd numbers, and choose items of different heights and sizes. Use shadow boxes to neatly organize small objects like vintage jewelry and small tools, and reign in busy items by organizing them with some breathing room so your eye has a minute to rest and appreciate each piece.
Image via Sunset

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