Let’s see that floor!

655095e7-6438-4424-ad4d-b52117c98379Especially in a small space, the more floor you can see, the bigger it feels.  As an alternative to heavy bookcases, solid coffee tables and deep desks, consider mounting furniture to the wall, to free up floor space and keep the room airy.  Here are a few ideas to flaunt your floor!

  • Modular Shelving:  A system like the one pictured here is a great example of wall-mounted storage that incorporates a functional workstation. It only requires wall space, and gives you a mini office at the ready.
  • Floating Nightstands: Lifting the nightstands off the floor in the bedroom can streamline the look of your bed. Whether you like a closed storage piece or simply a floating shelf, being able to see the floor underneath keeps a small room from feeling cramped.
  • Wall-mounted Dining: Just because your kitchen is the size of a dressing room doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having a meal there. A wall-mounted table such as the Norberg from IKEA is a great idea. It looks great, and can easily be folded away when you need more space.
Image via Remodelista

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